okay tumblr. BRACE YOURSELF.

i’m about to bust out some awesome renderings.  even though it’s been FOREVER since i’ve rendered anything— i bought some pretty awesome stuff in thailand… i guess it’s the manga comic artists that increase the demand/supply of graphic art supplies in south east asia but rendering materials (AMAZING fine-liners, etc.) are SO much cheaper!  I bought the best quality marker paper for like three dollars… and we’re talking an entire 8.5x11 pad here.  and then I bought a new rapidograph and white ink (for PERFECT highlights) for like $15.00.  I ordered a 120ct. COPIC marker set from ebay so, no need for those.  BUT— YAY FOR THE ART IM ABOUT TO PRODUCE.  gotta keeping BUILDING THAT PORTFOLIO.  i miss SCAD.  more than ever.