i have interviewed and interviewed and interviewed.  i still have no job.  today i have another interview at United Way Utah as an executive assistant to the president and if i don’t get, it i may just pack my bags and move back to ATL.  Downfall: i’ll only see my husband during holidays.  this probably is a bad idea, but not getting hired is killing me.  more like killing my confidence.  maybe i had too much of that (confidence)?  fml.  if i get one more “you were in our top two, and we LOVED you.  we’ll keep your resume on file as soon as another opportunity for hiring opens up we will definitely consider you.  i’m sure you’ll find another job immediately, you really impressed us and have such great experience” i seriously will give up all hope.

my husband told me to take a slice of humble pie and apply at fast-food if i have to.  ***SERIOUSLY??? I ALREADY MOVED TO UTAH FOR YOU, AND NOW THIS IS WHAT YOU EXPECT ME TO DO?***

makes me miss maui more than anything.  and make me miss home a good bit too.