i couldn't get through this

so, i didn’t know much about the the Jonestown massacre and was very interested in how some man could convince 900 people to end their lives.  i can honestly say this scares me and i couldn’t get through much of it at all.  but, i did read a few articles and feel the need to make sure my testimony of my personal beliefs is very strong for the right reasons… oh my goodness i can’t even describe how weird i feel right now.  ahhhh…. this is crazy.  as a person in that group… at some point, wouldn’t you just look in the mirror and say “this is too much”???  how could you not?  this seriously blows my mind.  the sad part is is the basic ideal in the very beginning— a utopian society with no prejudices, perfect equality, no hate, etc. was such a good one… it just went terribly wrong.