I just stayed up half the night so I could finish my wedding invitations. I need to get them out ASAP and I was hoping that would be tomorrow. So… after licking the final envelope I started cleaning up to realize I used the enclosure envelopes that didn’t have a stamp on them yet. I just finished carefully opening 100+ of my own invitations.  : (

Worst part is that I ruined half the doily envelope liners I hand cut and spray fixed all day today. Oh… And then there’s the 64 cent stamp that will have to be removed and reapplied to the really awful ones whose envelope couldn’t be saved in the process. Luckily I have extra envelopes.

I guess the re- stuffing of envelopes will happen in the morning and once again, I won’t be able to get the invitations off to the mail as hoped.

What a drag. This whole wedding thing is overrated. Elope friends. Just elope.

everything goes wrong and theres no changing it. I’ve been super chill about this and was super at ease and then my mom got in a crazy bad car accident (she’ll be fine) and can’t help me with half the things we had planned on… Bless her heart. Not complaining or trying to be selfish bc I am beyond grateful she’s alive and do not mind that she can’t help… Everything will work out… Just pointing out that there is seriously no way to plan for everything to go easy or stress free. It’s like there’s s wedding reception god who wants you to be miserable throughout the whole process.

Up until 2 am I was just fine. But now…. I am just done. Break from all this craziness, please.