1.5 days left in Maui.

So sad I am leaving Maui.  Wish everyone I love could just move here.  Anyways… SUPER stoked for what’s up next in my life… as for now, it’s pack pack pack.  I’m moving out of the house, of course… but, Brian and Tijana bought a house and are moving the week they get back after summer.  Tijana is leaving to go straight to Europe with the girls from here… SO— it’s packing the girls up for three weeks, packing up the house, and then cleaning out the house since it’ll be shut down all summer.  Lots of work for 2 days left.  (Since Daisy can’t go out of the country she’s flying back with me… yay for three pound dog in my purse the next three weeks)

The amount of laundry I have done in the past 24 hours…. THAT is unbelievable.  What’s even MORE unbelievable is the fact that I am STILL doing laundry and will be until I head to the airport.  SO CLOSE TO BEING HOME… first to Utah with that sweet man of mine and then ATL, BABY!