After studying efficiency improvements for the built environment at Savannah College of Art and Design's Interior Design program, transitioning to the digital front was an exciting challenge with significant reward. I found the same efficiency need in technology and software design working with engineering teams on innovative mobile and web applications. Since 2011, I have worked on product and operational processes to help development teams increase efficiency, plan strategic feature releases, ship consistently, and improve user engagement. I bring a data-driven approach to decision-making and believe that building and designing products should be based on answers and not assumptions.

This approach with measurable improvements helps development teams understand the value of what they have build and will build. It then reaches to other departments to ensure all are working together through collaboration for successful releases that contribute to overall company success.



    Manager, Customer Success

    August 2016 - May 2018

    • Provide on-demand support for product teams around the world. 
    • Consult customers on best practices for team alignment around product strategy, release planning, feature prioritization, and roadmaps. 
    • Conduct personalized product tours and training for unique customer use cases.
    • Maintain and improve customer support documentation through routine product releases.
    • Ensure all customers are successful and have the best experience with Aha!


    PatternJam, Inc.

    Chief Revenue Officer

    November 2015 - July 2016

    • Serve as a contract executive for early stage startup. 
    • Assist in launch and strategy of new e-commerce brand, 
    • Review and consolidate data to identify most efficient use of capital for the greatest return.
    • Collaborate on and execute campaigns in effort to prove new marketing channels.
    • Help manage product listings and designs to drive traffic and conversions.
    • Plan and balance monthly budget.
    • Assist in preparing materials and statistics for investors and fundraising strategies. 


    First Opinion

    DIRECTOR OF Strategy

    February 2015 - August 2015

    • Propose initiatives in response to routine analysis of primary care landscape.
    • Innovate and improve primary care for the every day consumer through telemedicine.
    • Facilitate the transition from a physical product development process to a robust digital product management framework.
    • Oversee planning, development, and release of product analytic suite integration.
    • Organize goal-driven efforts around analytic suite data to track product performance, user growth, user retention, and revenue.
    • Use data to drive company strategy and direct team with goal-based metrics.



    Director of product and client success

    March 2014 to February 2015 

    • Implement tools to provide transparency into product development.
    • Lead the design, development, and launch of new product and service offerings.
    • Research and recommend new strategic business initiatives regarding product functionality, competition, and customer needs.
    • Increase customer satisfaction through continued involvement in customer projects and custom feature development
    • Direct customer training to ensure best practice use of product offering.
    • Lead team of account managers to ensure all customer projects are successful.
    • Improve and maintain presentation of company and product solutions including UX design and promotional collateral


    Product AnalysT

    August 2013 to March 2014

    • Own product roadmap.
    • Assemble product requirements and user stories.
    • Review research, customer feedback, competitive analysis, and trends in related industries to direct roadmap prioritization.
    • Work with project manager and developers to ensure routine release of high-quality product improvements.
    • Present new product designs, process workflows, and enhancement ideas to executives in support of continued software growth and success.


    Engineering ANALYST

    August 2012 to August 2013

    • Direct and manage product releases across two development teams.
    • Maintain project communication infrastructure and related systems.
    • Conduct research and present/propose new trends, technologies, and systems
    • Ensure maximum productivity of product development team.
    • Assess, document, and plan end-user training for new products and internal systems.
    • Setup operational workflows that are scalable as company growth continues.
    • Assist in product roadmap planning and presentation.


    Executive Assistant to CTO

    November 2011 to August 2012 

    • Serve and support Chief Technology Officer
    • Prepare research and analytics for use in presentations and meetings with key stakeholders.
    • Prepare high-level executive summaries on project status, vendors, products, and partners.
    • Verify and triage customer support bugs and feature requests for upcoming development sprints.
    • Recommend and implement robust management tools for rapidly growing development team.
    • Assist in engineering and IT project management.
    • Maintain proficient knowledge of key technologies and grasp of business needs.



    Savannah College of Art and Design, Interior Design

    Top Interior Design undergraduate program in the nation. Examined the interactions of social, behavioral, cultural, and technological dimensions to create efficient designs for the built environment. Core foundation studies focused on fine arts and creative thinking strategies.



    Visual Design 

    • Vast knowledge of design principles including composition, color theory, and spacial recognition
    • Ten years experience in graphic design
    • Five years experience in UX design including wireframes and interface for web and mobile applications
    • Specific tools: Sketch, inVisionPhotoshopIllustratorInDesign, Balsamiq

    Research and Analysis

    • Expert in research methods and analytical problem solving
    • Three years experience implementing analytic tools to web and mobile applications for assessment of user behavior
    • Four years experience conducting UX testing and customer interviews
    • One year professional market research experience
    • Specific tools: Segment, Mixpanel, Google Analytics, Typeform

    Technical Writing

    • Excellent written communication skills
    • Five years experience drafting project specifications and user stories
    • Three years experience drafting end-user training and help desk documentation
    • Two years experience maintaining technical API documentation.
    • Specific tools: Confluence, Apiary, Zendesk

    Project Management

    • Experienced project manager known for meeting contract obligations on time and under budget
    • Four years experience managing the full-scope of agile-based development projects for SaaS companies
    • Three years experience managing cross-departmental task delegation and end-user release training
    • Two years experience managing budgeted projects with invoice billing in both waterfall and agile methods
    • Specific tools: Jira, Aha!, Harvest, Planscope, Rally

    Process Improvement

    • Completed successful implementations of productivity tools and processes for small to medium sized businesses dealing with full-time, contract, and remote employees.
    • Five years experience in process improvement implementation for engineering and product development teams
    • Three years experience in process improvements for customer support and sales automation
    • One year experience in process improvement for marketing automation
    • Verified improvements in employee performance through rollout of KPI visualizations and goal completion.
    • Specific tools: Salesforce, Base, Zendesk, Grow, Tableau, InsideSales, HubSpot